About the Utilization App

The following information applies to version 2 (and later) of the Utilization application.

Do you need to install or update the Utilization app? See Manage Applications for instructions about the App Store.


Caution: If NTP is not configured, and a system in the environment transmits statistics to StorNext Connect with a time that is later than the time on the StorNext Connect server, the stats are discarded and StorNext Connect does not report accurate monitoring stats.

The Utilization app shows the current statistics in addition to historical and future trends for the environment’s storage tiers, including a detailed view for each system and for each volume (file system) of a system. A system is an MDC or client that provides statistics. In the case of a high availability (HA) Quantum appliance, the primary MDC (Node 1) sends the statistics to the StorNext Connect system (Node 2).