Offline File Status and Recall for macOS Clients

The Mac Finder has no concept of offline files. When combined with Quick Look file previews, using the Mac Finder to access Storage Manager content does not offer the best user experience. All content viewed using the Mac Finder is retrieved, which leads to a very slow performance and prevents you from using Storage Manager as a capacity tier behind a smaller primary file system.

Beginning with StorNext 6, Mac Xsan clients have new and better approach.

  • On-demand file retrieves can be disabled on a per-client basis; this prevents the Mac Finder from causing inadvertent retrieves during browsing.
  • The new Offline File Manager application gives you visibility into the online/offline state of files, and access to services to use menu choices to request that Storage Manager store, retrieve, or truncate content.

After it has been configured correctly, the application functions for both Xsan clients and for NAS access to StorNext.

Python Programming Language Requirements

To use the Offline File Manager application, you must have Python 2.7.5 (or later) installed on your system.