Configuration > Configuration Wizard

StorNext includes a Configuration Wizard that guides you through the process of setting up your StorNext system. The wizard includes tasks you would typically perform when you are first configuring your system.

The Configuration Wizard appears automatically when you launch StorNext for the first time. As you complete tasks, click Next to proceed to the next configuration task, or click Back to return to the previous task. Some tasks allow you to skip the task for configuration at a later time. These tasks have a Next/Skip button instead of a Next button. If you do not finish performing all the tasks, the wizard reappears whenever you return to the StorNext home page so you can resume completing tasks where you left off. For example, if you complete tasks 1 through 3, the next time the StorNext wizard appears you will be ready to complete task 4.

You can display the Configuration Wizard at any time by selecting Configuration Wizard from the StorNext Configuration menu. If you have completed all of the tasks, each task will be marked as Complete. If you have not completed all tasks, the ones you finished will be marked Complete and the wizard will be ready for you to begin the next uncompleted task.

You can perform any of the Configuration Wizard’s tasks separately rather than through the wizard. Each of these tasks is selectable from the StorNext Configuration menu.