Add StorNext Client Software to StorNext Connect

The following information applies to version 5 of the Manage Clients application.

Do you need to install or update the Manage Clients app? See Manage Applications for instructions about the App Store.

The StorNext Connect system can install and update StorNext software on supported clients, depending on their operating system and current StorNext version. It can also act as a repository for client software, from which you can download the client software to install manually on the client systems (e.g., for clients running unsupported operating systems or unsupported versions of StorNext).

Note: See Planning and Compatibility for details on StorNext Connect support for various StorNext client versions and operating systems.

You can download StorNext client software to your StorNext Connect system through the App Store if your StorNext Connect system has an Internet connection. If the system does not have an Internet connection, you can download the software from the StorNext Connect website and then upload it to your StorNext Connect system.