Deploy StorNext Connect on an Installed and Configured System

The following information applies to version 12 of the Install app.

To deploy StorNext Connect on a Quantum appliance that is already installed and configured:

  1. Verify the network environment and hardware meet the requirements. See Planning and Compatibility on the StorNext Connect Doc Center for details.
  2. Upgrade the appliance firmware to a minimum of StorNext, if needed. See Upgrade the System (Upgrade Firmware) on the Appliance InfoHub.
  3. Request StorNext Connect, if necessary. See StorNext Connect Request Process .
  4. Log in to the StorNext Connect website. See Overview of the StorNext Connect Website. If you haven't already, you will need to do the following on the site:
    1. Register/create an account on the site
    2. Get installation instructions (only applicable for products supported by the StorNext Connect Install App – see Quantum Hardware Compatibility).
    3. Get the install bundle file used to install StorNext Connect.
  5. Install StorNext Connect on the appliance. See Install StorNext Connect on an Operational Quantum Appliance.
  6. Configure StorNext Connect:
    1. Install the StorNext Connect license.
    2. Update the mail server.
    3. Install or update applications.
    4. Install or update the Connector, if necessary. See Post-Deployment Tasks for details.