Run the Web Services from a Client Application

This section provides the following:

  • Demonstrate how to use the SWS V2 from client applications.
  • Provide a step-by-step approach to integrate the SWS V2 web services in the client applications.
  • Demonstrate the following scenarios.
Scenario Web Service Used
Generate a report about files known to the Tertiary Storage Manager


Generate a report about the policy class associated with directory.


Generate a report about storage manager policies.


Expedite the storage of a file that currently resides on disk to media.


Remove the copy of a file from disk after the file was stored to a medium.


Retrieve or recover files from media and place on disk.


Create a directory quota on a managed file system.


Set the quota limits for the directory.
List all available quotas on a file system.
  • Provide samples on how to asynchronously execute web services calls in SWS V2.
  • Demonstrate how to use web services for object storage activities.
  • SWS V2 web services supports several software languages; this section also demonstrates how to use the web services in customer applications written in Java, Perl and Python.