About StorNext LAN Clients

In addition to supporting StorNext clients attached via fibre channel, StorNext also supports LAN clients. Unlike a direct-attached StorNext SAN client, a LAN client connects across a LAN through a gateway server, which includes the StorNext G300 and StorNext M660. Gateway servers are themselves directly-connected StorNext SAN clients. The StorNext M660 is a Metadata Controller (MDC) which can also be licensed to function as a gateway server. Gateway servers process requests from LAN clients in addition to running applications.

For more information about StorNext licensing, see Configuration > LicensesConfiguration > Licenses, and the StorNext Licensing Guide.

StorNext provides LAN client and Gateway information via the status monitors on the StorNext home page. More detailed information is available through the Clients Report and LAN Client Performance Report. For more information about StorNext reports, see StorNext Reports.

Before you can fully use StorNext LAN clients, you must first configure a gateway server and LAN clients as described in the StorNext Installation Guide.