Tools > File Systems > Stripe Group Actions

On the Stripe Group Actions page, you can manage and perform tasks on stripe groups. The stripe group management utilities allow you to perform various tasks related to stripe groups while the file system is active and in use by clients and their applications. You can add, delete, suspend, resume, offload, and defragment stripe groups.

You can also control the allocation state of a stripe group by enabling or disabling space allocation. When using thin-provisioned storage, the size of the LUNs in a stripe group may be increased. Finally, a stripe group can be deleted, which makes it vacant and available for re-use. This can be especially useful for file systems that have stripe groups that have been suspended or offloaded (the suspended or offloaded stripe group must be empty).

Note: Performing stripe group tasks requires that the file system be active on the primary node of an HA pair, if HA is configured. If the file system is active on the secondary, switch the file system to the primary.

Note: The offload, defrag, and delete tasks require that the global configuration variable metadataArchive is enabled. If this change needs to be made, the file system must be stopped and restarted for the change to take effect. Wait for the metadata archive database rebuild to complete by monitoring the status with the cvadmin subcommand mdarchive status.

Note: Depending on the size of the file system, certain tasks could take some time to complete. You may need to plan accordingly.