Reports Menu Overview

The Reports menu contains options to view StorNext reports.

Menu Option Description

Reports > Logs

Access logs of StorNext operations.

Reports > Jobs

View a list of pending and completed jobs on the system.

Reports > Files

View information about specific files, such as the owner, group, policy class, permissions, and copy information.

Reports > Drives

View information about the drives in your libraries, including the serial number and current state and status.

Reports > Media

View information pertaining to the media in selected libraries or all libraries, including the media ID, type and class, as well as the number of files and the last access date and time.

Reports > Q-Cloud Object Storage Media Usage

View the usage report for Q-Cloud object store media.

Reports > Relations

View the names of the policy classes which correspond to the managed directories in your system.

Reports > File Systems

View file system statistics including active clients, space, size, disks, and stripe groups.

Reports > SAN Devices

View information about devices currently attached to your SAN, including disks/LUNs, libraries, and tape drives.

Reports > Tape Consolidation

View statistics on the tape consolidation (defragmenting) process.

Reports > SAN and LAN Clients

View statistics for StorNext clients, including the number of connected clients and LAN Clients, and client performance.

Reports > LAN Client Performance

View information about LAN Clients and servers, including read and write speed.

Reports > Replication/Deduplication > Policy Activity

View replication and deduplication performance statistics.

Reports > Replication/Deduplication > Policy Summary

View replication and deduplication information for each policy.

Reports > Hardware Status

View up-to-date information about the system board and network ports for both nodes in your HA system, plus storage arrays.

Note: This option is only visible on StorNext M660, M440, M330, Pro Foundation, Artico Metadata Appliances, and Xcellis Workflow Director systems.

Reports > Data Movement

View activity related to the Distributed Data Mover feature.

Reports > Gateway Metrics

View information and activity related to your gateways, clients, and file systems.

Reports > StorNext Metrics

View information and activity related to StorNext Metrics.

The StorNext Metrics reports provide performance data logging and visual reporting and graphing features for StorNext systems. The StorNext Metrics reports are a visual reporting tool that combines comprehensive performance data logging with powerful visual reporting and analysis tools to help you identify potential problems and optimize system operations.