Perform File System Actions

On the Configuration menu, click File Systems to display the Configuration > File Systems page.

After you have created at least one file system, you can perform various file system-related actions:




Stops the file system.


Starts the file system.

Start and Activate

Starts and activates the file system in one step, saving you the time of starting and activating separately.

Start and Mount

Starts and mounts the file system in one step, saving you the time of starting and mounting separately.


Activates the file system.


Mounts the file system.


Unmounts the file system.


Makes an additional file system.


Applies configuration changes to the file system.

Note: This option might temporally cause a delay in the GUI response while the file system is updated. If a managed file system is modified, a new metadata archive may be generated.


Initiates a check of the file system. You should perform a check if you plan to expand or migrate the file system. This operation might take a significant amount of time, depending on the size of the file system, so plan accordingly. For more information, see Check a File System.


Expands the file system in preparation for migration. Use this option to add stripe groups to a file system. Ensure that all needed disks are visible before starting this process. For more information, see Expand a File System.

Note: This option may trigger a temporary stall as the file system is updated. If a managed file system is modified a new metadata archive may be generated.
StorNext does not support expansion on stripe groups containing mixed-sized LUNs. For example, if you create a file system that has two different-sized disks in a user-data only stripe group and then attempt to add a new disk to that stripe group and expand it, the expansion will fail.

Note: For Window MDCs and Linux MDCs that do not have the StorNext GUI functionality available, see "Using Resource Allocation From the Command Line" in the StorNext User's Guide.


Migrates the file system after expansion. This option is used to migrate data or metadata off of existing storage. If migrating metadata the metadata will be migrated without changing the metadata layout. If a data stripe group is being migrated, data will be moved from a selected stripe group to other stripe groups. For more information, see Migrate a File System.

Stripe Group Actions

Allows you to perform actions pertaining to stripe group management. This option is used to add, delete, suspend, resume, offload, and defragment stripe groups. See Stripe Group Actions.