Planning and Compatibility

Before you take advantage of the robust management and monitoring capabilities of StorNext Connect, make sure to read the planning and requirements information for StorNext Connect.

StorNext Connect is a single graphical interface that connects your Quantum appliances and StorNext resources. Therefore, you should also familiarize yourself with the planning and requirements information for the other Quantum products that make up your StorNext environment.

StorNext Connect Settings, Guidelines, and Compatibility

StorNext Connect Network Requirements

StorNext Connect System Guidelines

StorNext Connect App Compatibility

StorNext Connect and StorNext Software Compatibility

Firmware Requirements

StorNext Client Version Functionality

StorNext Connect and Quantum Hardware Compatibility

Quantum Hardware Compatibility

QXS Configurations Supported by the StorNext Connect Install Application for Xcellis Workflow Director Systems

StorNext Connect and Browser/Operating System Compatibility

Supported Browsers and Device Operating Systems

StorNext Client Operating System Support

StorNext Connect and Appliance Controller Compatibility

The Appliance Controller is Quantum's feature for managing StorNext NAS, SNMP, and iSCSI. See the Appliance Controller Compatibility Guide.