About the Discover Components App

The following information applies to version 6 of the Discover Components application.

Do you need to install or update Discover Components? See Manage Applications for instructions about the App Store.

The Discover Components application is a fundamental component of StorNext Connect. StorNext Connect cannot work without it. The application relies on one or more name servers as a starting point to look up hostnames of clients and volumes (file systems) (it does not scan client IP addresses and ports). From there, Discover Components works to identify the topology of the StorNext environment. You use this application to discover StorNext components and assign them to StorNext environments.

Using the name server(s), Discover Components identifies the hosts of the workspace (cluster). Host is another name for the components or nodes that make up the workspace. Name servers, MDCs, and StorNext clients are all hosts.

The Discover Components application shows the following information about the hosts in the workspace.

Host name

Operating system

StorNext release

Volumes/File systems

NSClosed circle = host is a name server

MDCClosed circle = primary MDC; Open circle = secondary MDC

GWClosed circle = gateway appliance; Open circle = host with gateway license installed

ClientIndicates whether the client is SAN-connected, LAN-connected, or both

Why did discovery not find a host or volume?

Make sure:

  • The host is online and operational.
  • The host's StorNext licensing is up-to-date.
  • The volume is mounted.
  • The MDC has at least one volume (mounted or owned).


Discovery is a point-in-time snapshot of the environment. The first discovery takes place during StorNext Connect installation. After making any changes to client systems (starting or stopping StorNext, adding clients, updating or downgrading StorNext client software, and so on), you must Rediscover. This ensures StorNext Connect recognizes clients by their current StorNext software version. Failure to do this may report the software revision that was on the client before the upgrade/downgrade. Similarly, without rediscovery after environment changes, StorNext Connect might not recognize all hosts in the StorNext Connect workspace, in which case data for those hosts will not appear in the monitoring applications.

To rediscover:

  1. Open Discover Components.
  2. Click Rediscover.
  3. Verify the name server(s) for the workspace (cluster). If needed, add or edit the name server(s).
  4. Click Discover.
  5. After discovery completes, click Continue to return to the main page of Discover Components.

Discover Components Application Concepts