About the Discover Components App

The following information applies to version 5 of the Discover Components application.

The Discover Components application is a fundamental component of StorNext Connect. StorNext Connect cannot work without it. The application relies on one or more name servers as a starting point to look up hostnames of clients and volumes (file systems) (it does not scan client IP addresses and ports). From there, Discover Components works to identify the topology of the StorNext environment. You use this application to discover StorNext components and assign them to StorNext environments.


After making any changes to client systems (starting or stopping StorNext, adding clients, updating or downgrading StorNext client software, and so on), you must Rediscover. This ensures StorNext Connect recognizes clients by their current StorNext software version. Failure to do this may report the software revision that was on the client before the upgrade/downgrade. Similarly, without rediscovery after environment changes, StorNext Connect might not recognize all hosts in the StorNext Connect workspace, in which case data for those hosts will not appear in the monitoring applications.

Discover Components Application Concepts