Available Training

Learn the Basics

This course provides a general overview of the Xcellis Workflow Director (R630), Xcellis Foundation, aiWARE for Xcellis Embedded (DAE), aiWARE for Xcellis Standard and High Performance, Artico (R630), and Xcellis Workflow Extender (R630) systems. All of these appliances use the same server hardware, the R630. However, they are configured differently, and serve different purposes. The course should take about an hour to complete.

Start course: The Basics of Quantum Appliances

Xcellis – Artico Installation and Configuration

This course is an overview of the key tasks you will perform when installing the system, and a supplement to the Xcellis – Artico Installation Instructions. This course should take about one hour to complete.

Note: Xcellis Foundation, aiWARE for Xcellis Embedded (DAE), Xcellis Workflow Director (R630), and Artico (R630) systems are customer-installable and supported by the StorNext Connect Install App. Installation can also be provided by Quantum or Quantum partners.

Start course: Xcellis – Artico Install and Configuration

StorNext Connect Training

Visit the StorNext Connect training page on the StorNext Connect Documentation Center to learn the basics of StorNext Connect and how it's used to simplify the setup, monitoring, and management of StorNext environments.

StorNext Training

Visit the StorNext 6 training page or the StorNext 5 training page to see the StorNext training available for your system (depending on the StorNext version installed on your system).