StorNext Storage Manager

RAS Message – StorNext Storage Manager Component : Configuration not supported

The StorNext Storage Manager component : Configuration not supported message is a RAS Event (called a Service Ticket in the StorNext GUI). This message is generated by the StorNext daily health check, which usually runs at 7:00 a.m. It may also arrive by e-mail, if e-mail notification is configured in the GUI.

When sent by e-mail, the message will look similar to this:

StorNext RAS Message - Physical Media Changer tape drive [X] : Maintenance operation failure

The Physical Media Changer tape drive [X] : Maintenance operation failure message refers to the automatic drive cleaning function in StorNext for a tape library. It has two possible causes, based on the details given under the ‘SR Notes’ section of the message.

When a drive requires cleaning, it returns a signal to StorNext. When StorNext receives that signal, a cleaning session is started, and it will not use that drive again to store or retrieve data until the cleaning session finishes. If a problem is encountered during this cleaning session, a RAS message is generated.

SR Notes Section: No Cleaning Media Available

StorNext RAS Message - File System component [X] : License failed

The StorNext RAS message File System component [X] : License failed has 12 subtypes, based on the type of license failure. The ‘SR Notes’ section at the bottom of the RAS message describes the particular failure subtype. Please see the section below for explanations of each subtype.

You can find licensing information in the StorNext Licensing Guide, available either on the Quantum website or through the GUI by selecting Help > Documentation and selecting this guide.

You can view the current state of your licenses from the GUI, including capacity limits and expiration, by selecting Configuration > Licenses.

StorNext RAS Message – File System Component [x] Not Responding

The message that a StorNext filesystem is not responding has two forms, which can be distinguished by the “SR Notes” section in the body of the message.

Form 1: <Reporting System> : fs <”file system name”> on host <FSS host system> not currently accessible (possibly stopped administratively). Thread <thread ID>pid 0, still trying.  Ticket creation time: <date & time>

Form 2: <Reporting System> : fs <”file system name”> : Timeout while attempting to force data flush for file <”filename”> (inode <inode number>) for file system <”file system name”> on host <Problem system>. See cvlog for more details.  Ticket creation time: <date & time>

DDM configuration for StorNext 5.2 and

The following steps provide DDM configuration for StorNext versions 5.2 and which prevents one of the DDM licenses from being incorrectly used by the primary MDC.


  1. On both the primary and the secondary MDC, edit the /etc/hosts file and remove any aliases for the two MDCs.  Ensure the IP address of the MDC is configured as the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) for both MDC.  For example, here is a partial listing of a /etc/hosts file showing only the IP and the FQDN for the two MDCs:

# External static node IP

StorNext File Systems - Linked Files & Directories and Their Effect

StorNext File Systems - Linked Files & Directories and Their Effect

For a general discussion of hard links, soft links, Windows shortcuts, and Windows junction files, refer to the Wikipedia articles
“mklink” in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, and beyond