i6000 Drive Cleaning

The best resource for understanding and using the Drive Cleaning feature is the i6000 Users Guide. The i6000 Users Guide can be downloaded from the main Quantum website by going to Support> Downloads. Select the appropriate product category and name then go to the Documentation tab on the product page. The latest version of the Users Guide will be available to download. Listed below are the common Drive Cleaning functions listed along with their Chapter and Page numbers. Reference these functions in the Users Guide to better understand how to configure and use the feature properly. The specific page numbers listed below assume that you are using the i12.3 version of the Users Guide.


Drive Cleaning Manual Chapter Page
Drive Cleaning Configuration i6K Users Guide i12.3 3 225
Manually Initiated Cleans i6K Users Guide i12.3 15 564
Automatic Drive Cleaning Configuration i6K Users Guide i12.3 3 137
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