Scalar Libraries: How Can I Tell If My Tape Drive Uses Compression?

All Quantum tape drives are "compression-capable” by default. What this means is that they are always able to accept compression requests from the backup application. There are no dip switches or physical modifications that have to be made for compression to occur. As a result, compression is completely controlled by the backup application, and the status of compression is viewable within each application. This includes controls to toggle compression on and off, and to view the compression ratio obtained. See the User Guides for your backup application for instructions on how to access the compression settings and statistics.

If you believe that the software is calling for compression and the drive is not providing it, Drive Diagnostic Utilities are available for each drive manufacturer (HP, IBM, Quantum) that will allow you to verify if compression functions on that drive. If the diagnostic test passes, you know the drive is compressing correctly and the problem will be found elsewhere in the ecosystem. These diagnostic utilities can be obtained from the links below: 

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