Scalar 440/480 Library: How can I find the Product Serial Number?

How can I find the Product Serial Number for a Scalar 440/480 library?

There are three distinct ways to find the product serial number for a Scalar 440/480 library:

The Physical Location

The Scalar 440/480 library has a sticker on the back in the middle and at the bottom of the library frame. It resides next to the AC power cord in the format S/N 12000123 (for example, 12002060).

The Operator Panel

Use this procedure to display the product serial number on a Scalar 440/480 library.

  1. Click the Escape key to access the Main Menu.


  2. Click the down arrow in the lower right corner to scroll down to the Configuration Menu.
  3. Click the ENTER key.
  4. Click the down arrow until the right-facing arrow is next to Set Serial Number.
  5. Click the ENTER key and record the serial number (12000123) from the display.

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