AML 2/E/J Library: How can I find the Product Serial Number?

How do I find the Product Serial Number for an AML 2/E/J Library?

You can find the serial number by opening the front door of the Controller.  The S/N sticker appears on the upper left side of the inside front door of the Controller.

The S/N sticker will say GRAU and contain serial numbers like the following examples:

ProductS/N FormatS/N Example
AML/2S/N 90-1-0012390-1806
AML/ES/N 91-0-00123 or S/N 00-12391-0-02010
AML/JS/N 92-1-00123 or S/N 00-12392-0-03462

NOTE NOTE: The serial number is not available from the Operator Panel display.

NOTE NOTE: This library configuration has no remote identification options.

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