Scalar 50: How can I find the library serial number?

  • Physical Location

    You can access the serial number from two separate physical locations:

    1. From the home screen on the Operator Control Panel (OCP), which is located on the front of the library: OCP

      Verify the library serial number (QP0707AFD00180) on the S/N field.

    2. From the top back of the unit, as displayed in the racked image: Scalar
  • Remote Identification

    Use this procedure to access the serial number from the Remote Management Interface (RMI).

    1. On the host computer, open the Internet browser software.
    2. In the Address field, type https://IPaddress where IPaddress is the Internet Protocol address for the Scalar 50's RMI. The Home page displays:


    3. Log into the interface and click the Setup tab. The Setup page displays:


    4. From the Setup page, verify the library serial number (QP0707AFD00180) on the Serial Number: field.
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