Scalar 440/480: Checking the library serial number

Scalar 440/480: Checking the library serial number

The serial number of the Scalar 440/480 library is entered into the Library at the factory. You can view the library serial number either on the label at the back of the library, or by using the Set Serial Number option from the LCD Operator panel.

  1. From the Configuration menu, click [down arrow] to select the Serial Number and click Enter.
  2. Set the serial number:
    1. Select either the [up arrow] or the [down arrow] to change the character.
    2. Select either the Right or Left arrows to move from column to column.

NOTE NOTE: If the serial number was not entered, the number stored in memory is 99999999.

For more information, see the Scalar AIT 440/480 Libraries: Installation and Operation Guide on page 44 (69 of 205 in the .pdf).

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