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Working with System Diagnostics

The Diagnostics tab allows you to generate and download diagnostic files, which contains diagnostic logs for all system components. The diagnostic files are helpful when troubleshooting problems on the Q-Cloud Protect appliance. Generate and download the diagnostic files before contacting Quantum customer support.

You can also use the Diagnostics tab to perform healthchecks to verify the health and integrity of the data deduplication blockpool on the cloud appliance.

Caution: If a healthcheck fails when it is run, there may be a problem in the blockpool that could cause replication or restore operations to fail. Contact Quantum customer support if a healthcheck fails.


You can perform the following tasks from the Diagnostics tab:

  • Generate and Download a System Diagnostics File
  • Initiate or Stop a Healthcheck from the General Tab
  • View Healthcheck Results from the Status Tab
  • Enable or Disable a Healthcheck from the Status Tab

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