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Working With Service Tickets

The Q-Cloud Protect appliance has the capability to automatically detect and resolve problems encountered by the system during operation. If a problem cannot be resolved automatically and requires user intervention or servicing, the system generates a service ticket.

A service ticket contains detailed information about the problem and, if appropriate, steps you can take to resolve it. If the Q-Cloud Protect appliance detects that the problem is resolved, the system automatically closes the service ticket. You can also manually close a service ticket after the problem is corrected.

Note: Tickets that are not resolved are generated again after 24 hours.

Service Ticket Priority

The system assigns each service ticket a priority based on the criticality of the problem. There are three priority levels.

Recommended Actions

If appropriate, a service ticket includes recommended actions, which provide instructions for resolving the problem.

Perform the recommended actions to try to resolve the problem before contacting Quantum customer support. If you are able to resolve the problem, you can close the service ticket.

Note: The recommended actions should be performed by a user who is familiar with operating the cloud appliance.

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