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The Q-Cloud Protect appliance provides data replication capabilities that you can use as an integral part of a disaster recovery plan.

Replication allows you to copy data from a DXi appliance or OpenStorage (OST) server to your Q-Cloud Protect appliance at scheduled intervals (or manually as needed). Q-Cloud Protect protects this replicated data in AWS S3 storage.

In the event of a disaster in which the original data is lost, you can quickly recover the replicated data on the Q-Cloud Protect appliance. As soon as the original system is available again, you can restore all data back to it from the cloud appliance. This recovery allows your business to efficiently resume normal operations.

Understanding Data Replication

During data replication, data is sent from one system (the source) to another system (the target), such as from your central office on-site DXi appliance to the Q-Cloud Protect appliance.

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