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Home Page: Licensed Usage

The Licensed Usage section on the Home page displays the following information.

Figure 1: Licensed Usage Section

Licensed Usage Information


Licensed Capacity

The total amount of storage capacity purchased for the Q-Cloud Protect appliance.

Available Space

The amount of purchased capacity available for storage of replicated data (free space).

Free Space

The amount of storage space that can be used for new deduplicated data.

Reclaimable Space

The amount of storage space that is occupied by outdated deduplicated data, and which will be automatically reused if additional space for new deduplicated data is needed.

Used Space

The amount of storage space that already holds data.

Deduplicated Data

The amount of data that has been deduplicated.

Licensed Capacity Meter (bar located at the top of the Licensed Usage section)

On the licensed capacity meter, blue (left side of meter) indicates used storage and gray (right side of meter) indicates available storage. The left side of the meter changes color based on the amount of remaining free storage and the state of the Q-Cloud Protect appliance. For more information, see Space Management

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