Operate > Configuration Page > Configure OST

Configure OST

The OST tab allows you to configure the Q-Cloud Protect appliance to present its storage capacity as storage servers using OpenStorage (OST) technology.

From the OST tab, you can add one or more Logical Storage Units (LSUs) to a storage server. Storage servers and LSUs are compatible with backup applications that support OST, such as Veritas NetBackup and Backup Exec. In addition, OST data can be duplicated — replicated — between the cloud appliance and DXi systems using NetBackup.

To authenticate OST devices on a media server, you must create OST user credentials. After you create the OST user credentials, enter them in the backup application to authenticate OST devices on the media server.

OST Replication Methods

DXi appliances can replicate OST data to Q-Cloud Protect appliance using the following methods:

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