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Configure NAS

The NAS page allows you to configure the Q-Cloud Protect appliance to present its storage capacity as Network Attached Storage (NAS) shares that are compatible with standard backup applications. You can create NAS shares for use with Windows or Linux networks.


Q-Cloud Protect is designed to be used as a replication target for on-site DXi appliances, on-site DXi appliances using OpenStorage (OST) optimized duplication, or Veritas NetBackup or BackupExec OST servers with DXi Accent enabled.

Q-Cloud Protect does not support use-cases for directly accessing data stored in NAS shares or VTL partitions from the cloud appliance. To access data stored in a share or partition from the cloud appliance, you must failback and recover the data at the source.

Caution: Filenames on NAS shares are limited to a length of 256 bytes. If a filename uses Japanese characters, the filename can be no longer than 85 characters. This is because each Japanese character is represented by 3 bytes.


You can do the following from the NAS page:

Need Guided Assistance?

The NAS wizard provides guided assistance for configuring NAS shares. For more information, see Configuring NAS Shares for the Cloud Appliance.

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