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VPC-Private Network Connections


For both durability and security, we recommend using a VPC-private network connection — either VPC-Hardware VPN Access or VPC-DirectConnect — for your Q-Cloud Protect.

C2S Region

Q-Cloud Protect appliances in the C2S region must able to communicate with the following resources outside of your VPC. In addition, these are the only external resources that your cloud appliance will be able to communicate with.

  • EC2 server to manage metadata stored in EBS volumes and snapshots
  • S3 to manage storage buckets
  • CAP server to manage authorizations
  • Source DXi appliances or OST servers from which data is being replicated.
  • If NTP is configured, the server.

VPC-Related Concepts

Review the following concepts to gain a better understanding of VPC connections.

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