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Pre-Launch Checklists

Before launching a Q-Cloud Protect instance from the EC2 console, make sure that you complete the tasks listed in the following checklists.





Create an account

AWS Marketplace Account:

GovCloud Account:


Configure a VPC-private network connection

VPC-Private Network Connections


For Create IAM roles and policies

IAM Roles and Users


Determine storage needs

Calculating Storage Needs


For C2S only: Build a Q-Cloud Protect AMI

Transfer the Q-Cloud Protect AMI to C2S

VPC-Hardware VPN Access Connection

If you elect to set up a VPC-Hardware VPN Access connection, you will need to make sure to perform each of the following tasks. For more information, see Creating a VPC-Hardware VPN Access Connection.



Additional Information Needed to Perform Task


Create a VPC



Configure a subnet for the VPC

IP address block to assign to your VPC's subnet


Configure a routing table for the VPC's subnet



Create a VPN S3 endpoint

Security group rule allowing your cloud appliance to communicate with your S3 buckets. See Recommended Security Group Rules.


Create an Internet gateway

Note: Users with C2S accounts should not configure an Internet gateway with access outside of the AWS environment.


Create a VPN tunnel

An existing customer gateway device or application to connect to the VPN


Configure a security group

Ports and IP addresses of the applications needing access to and from your Q-Cloud Protect instance. See Recommended Security Group Rules.


Configure a DHCP options set

  • Domain name
  • DNS server IP addresses

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