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An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is a snapshot of a system that users can deploy as a new EC2 instance.

Quantum offers different Q-Cloud Protect AMIs from which to select, varying in storage capacity. To select the best Q-Cloud Protect AMI for your situation, make sure you know your storage needs ahead of time.

After selecting a Q-Cloud Protect AMI, you can launch the EC2 instance — the unique virtual machine image of the AMI — from which to deploy the Q-Cloud Protect appliance.

During launch, you will need to manually configure settings for the instance, such as selecting an instance type, assigning network and security settings, and configuring storage. Review the following sections to gain a better understanding of these settings.


Before launching your Q-Cloud Protect instance, you must perform the following prerequisite tasks. For a checklist of prerequisite tasks, see Pre-Launch Checklists.

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