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Creating an IAM Role for Instances

Create an IAM role to grant your Q-Cloud Protect EC2 instance permission to manage S3 objects and EBS snapshots.

For cloud appliances launched in C2S, you will associate the IAM role with your C2S Access Portal (CAP) credentials. See Step 2: Complete the Getting Started Wizard.

Steps to Create IAM Role

To create an IAM role, do the following:

  1. Create an IAM policy with statements for both your EC2 and S3 environments.

    You will need to create a statement that is specific to the environment in which your instance resides — AWS Marketplace, GovCloud, or C2S.

  2. Create the IAM role to which to assign the IAM policy.

    Note: You can create IAM roles either before launching an instance or during the launch process.

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