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Expanding EBS Volumes

If you determine that you require more storage capacity than what is currently configured for your Q-Cloud Protect instance, you can run a command in a SecureShell (SSH) client to automatically expand the EBS volume's storage capacity for your instance.


Before expanding an EBS volume's storage capacity, review the following considerations.

  • Because expanding an EBS volume also increases storage costs, we recommend that you expand a volume's storage capacity only to the required amount and not beyond that amount.
  • You cannot undo an EBS volume expansion.
  • You cannot expand your volume's storage capacity beyond the maximum capacity allowed by AWS.
  • You will enter the size by which to increase volume storage capacity – not the total size of the volume's storage capacity – in GiB.
  • During volume expansion, your cloud appliance's file system is dismounted. To avoid loss of data, make sure that your are not currently replicating data to the cloud appliance.

GB versus GiB

Although the Q-Cloud Protect appliance reports measurements in units of MB, GB, and TB, AWS reports measurements in units of MiB, GiB, and TiB. When calculating the EBS volume's storage capacity, you will need to convert measurements between the cloud appliance and AWS interfaces, as appropriate.

To convert GB to GiB, multiply by .93.

GB x .93 = GiB

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