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SSH Connect

At times, you may need to connect to your Q-Cloud Protect appliance through a SecureShell (SSH) client, such as a scenario in which you need to install an emergency security patch to the operating system (OS) to protect against a vulnerability.

After deploying your cloud appliance, you can immediately connect to it through SSH using the ServiceLogin account, which is enabled by default upon deployment. This account is authenticated using the key pair assigned to the instance during launch.

To connect to the cloud appliance through SSH using the cliadmin or cliviewer accounts, you must first enable them from the appliance's virtual console. See Configuring Access Control.

Note: For more information about SSH commands to use with your cloud appliance, see the DXi-Series Command Line Interface Guide. Keep in mind that not all DXi commands will apply to Q-Cloud Protect.

Connection Tasks

Before connecting to your cloud appliance through SSH, you must configure the SSH client. See the following topics for configuration instructions.

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