Scalar Key Manager: How can I find the Product Serial Number?


There are two ways to locate Scalar Key Manager (SKM) appliance server and SKM virtual machine (VM) server serial numbers:



Note:You can distinguish an SKM VM server serial number by the VM at the beginning of the serial number, for example, VM123456. The SKM appliance server does not contain the letters VM at the beginning of its serial number.

Labels SKM server serial numbers appear on a label in these locations:

         SKM appliance server-label is located on the front of the appliance

         SKM VM server-label is located on the cover of the Scalar Key Manager VM DVD Case

Library SKM server serial numbers are also listed on the library user interfaces for both the SKM appliance and SKM VM servers:

         Scalar i500-System information report (Reports > System Information Report)

         Scalar i2000/i6000-EKM Server Status screen (Monitor > EKM Servers)

For additional information about locating an SKM serial number, refer to the Scalar Key Manager User's Guide, which is available on the Scalar Key Manager Support page on the Quantum web site.