QXS Hybrid Storage: Finding the Product Serial Number

QXS Hybrid Storage: Finding the Product Serial Number

This document provides information on finding the system serial number for QXS-3/4/6 Hybrid Storage systems.

There are three ways to locate the serial number on a QXS system:

1. On a sticker on the RAID chassis 
2. In the disk management utility (GUI)
3. Using the command-line interface (CLI)

Locating the Serial Number on a Sticker on the RAID Chassis

The system serial number appears in two places on the RAID chassis:

• On a label on the top of the RAID chassis, on the right side.
• On a label on the left side of the chassis. You must pull the chassis from the rack to see this.

Stickers with the system serial number are tinted silver; all other stickers are white.

System serial numbers on QXS-3/4/6 systems include the prefix QTMCHOU.

Note: Serial numbers with the QTMCHOU prefix are also found on labels on the controllers, at the back of the chassis. These serial numbers refer specifically to the controllers – not to the system. Do NOT attempt to read system serial numbers from labels mounted on the controllers.

Locating the Serial Number in the Disk Management Utility

On the System page, select the Front or Rear tab (the following image shows the rear tab). The serial number belongs to the RAID chassis, which is the top chassis shown on the System page.

To display the Enclosure Information popup, hover the cursor over one of the “ears” (far left or right, as shown below by the arrows). The serial number you need is the Midplane Serial number. 

Locating the Serial Number Using the Command-Line Interface (CLI)

The show fru command provides a list of FRUs and their serial numbers. The first FRU in the list should be CHASSIS_MIDPLANE. The serial number of the chassis midplane is the system serial number.

For the chassis midplane, the system serial number is reported under two different descriptors: Serial Number and Configuration SN.

For the other FRUs, Serial Number reports the serial number of the FRU. But for all FRUs, the Configuration SN reports the system serial number.