DXi V-Series: Finding the Product Serial Number

The DXi V-Series includes the DXi V1000, DXi V2000, and DXi V4000.


How can I find the product serial number for a DXi V-Series product?


You need the product serial number to add storage capacity, or when you contact Quantum Support. You can find the DXi V-Series product serial number on the Remote Management Home page.

Finding the Serial Number on the Remote Management Page

The product serial number is available on the DXi V-Series Home Page in the System Overview section. 

The DXi V-Series serial numbers are in one of two formats:

         Quantum-branded serial numbers start with CX (for example, CXYYWWCADXXXXX).

         Xerox partner serial numbers start with AH (for example, AHYYWWCADXXXXX).

A DXi V4000 example is shown below.