SuperLoader 3

LTO Tape Drive Cleaning

LTO Tape Drive Cleaning

Over time all tape drives require cleaning via dedicated cleaning tapes. The average cleaning tape can be used up to 50 times before it is used up and considered “expired”. Once a cleaning tape is expired it is no longer viable and needs to be discarded. Cleaning tapes are considered consumable items that customers must provide in order to keep their tape drives functioning properly.

SuperLoader 3 and SuperLoader 3A: Where is the Product Serial Number located?

Superloader 3: Where is the Product Serial Number located?

The product serial number for a SuperLoader 3 and Superloader 3A is located on the serial tag at the back of the loader and on the Status screen on the On-board Remote Management HTML interface.

Serial Tag

The serial number for the SuperLoader 3 is found on the serial tag located on the rear of the loader. The product serial number is in the format FA0641BHA00733.

NOTE NOTE: Do not use the chassis number found on a smaller tag.