AEL500: Finding the Product Serial Number

How can I find the Product Serial Number on an AEL500 library?

There are three ways to find the product serial number for a Scalar i500 library:

The Physical Location

You can find the serial number by looking on the lower middle back of the library control module (CM). For example, A0C1335810  in the following display.


You can also find the serial number by looking on the product shipping label. For example, A0C1715821 in the following display.

Remote Identification

You can access the serial number from the web client.

1. Log on to the web client.

2. Click Reports > System Information.

3. Verify the library serial number (A0C0205826) from the Serial # column of the Physical Library table.

    The Operator Panel

    To display the serial number of a Scalar i500 library from the Operator panel, click Tools > About Library.

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