QD, QM, and QS Systems: Finding the Product Serial Number

Customers must supply their product serial number when they contact Quantum Support. This article provides information on finding the system serial number for the following Quantum systems:

  • QD6000/QD7000
  • QS1200/QS2400
  • QM1200

System serial numbers are found on stickers on the RAID enclosures. The location of the stickers varies, depending on the type of enclosure.

Most system serial numbers are of the form CX1234ABC56789 and begin with the characters CX. All systems also have a NetApp serial number (see below). For a few systems, there is no Quantum serial number, and the NetApp serial number will be sufficient.

This article covers the following types of Serial Numbers:

StorNext Serial Numbers

Customers may provide their StorNext serial number. If a customer provides a StorNext serial number, Service should locate the Q-Series product serial number in the Oracle IB record. Use the Q-Series serial number to open the SR.

QD6000/QD7000 Serial Numbers

The system serial number is on a sticker on the right front of the system, on the metal flange that is used to secure the system in the rack. To see this sticker, you must remove the bezel.

A serial number sticker is also located on the top rear of the enclosure.

QS1200/QS2400/QM1200 RAID Chassis Serial Numbers

The system serial number is located on the rear of the enclosure, on the lip beneath the power supply.

QS1200/QS2400/QM1200 Expansion Chassis Serial Numbers

Stickers for expansion enclosures identify them as such, as shown in the figure below (EXP MOD 2, in this case). Although the sticker is on an expansion chassis, it also provides the system serial number.

NetApp Serial Numbers

Some Q-Series enclosures have only NetApp serial numbers. On all enclosures (even those that display a Quantum serial number), the NetApp serial number is on a silver-tinted sticker on top of the chassis. If a Quantum serial number cannot be found, use the NetApp serial number instead.

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