Finding the System Serial Number on the Xcellis Workflow Director


How can I find the System Serial Number on an Xcellis Workflow Director?
You will need the system serial number if you need service on your Xcellis Workflow Director. You can find the number as follows:
Serial numbers are alphanumeric (For example: SV1535CKH02001).
You can find the serial number in the following locations:
1. Server Node ID (for Node 1 and Node 2) and Service Tag Label
2. Service Tag Label (Service Tag pullout tab)
3. System Serial Number Label (Service Tag pullout tab)
4. System Serial Number Label (right-hand side)
5. System Serial Number Label (top)
You can find the serial number in the StorNext GUI in the Firmware tab of the Help > About page.
The system serial number is displayed as the StorNext Connect System Name in the Admin > This System page.
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