Scalar LTFS (SLTFS) - Tape Formatting

With older firmware 2.3 and older you have to format each tape and then it will be automatically attached and visible to clients mapped to the SLTFS.

With firmware version 2.4 and newer there is a process that you have to follow.

Load tapes into the library IE station and the SLTFS will automatically import the tapes into data slots.  These tapes will then show up as discovered media.

All discovered media should be formatted right after import and then they will show as scratch media.

Scratch media can be used for creating Volume Groups and are also used when a tape gets full and need to span to a new cartridge.

If you just want to create a Volume Group using the cartridge barcode label you can also attach a scratch tape and it will then be changed to a Volume Group using the barcode as the VG name.

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