Launches Q-Cloud Protect instance with no internet access – needed for snapshots

1) Customer symptoms
a) Customer is able to connect to QCP UI using browser
b) Admin Alert on ‘EBSVolumeSnapshot’ are posted on QCP UI Home

c) After 24 hours no Snapshots are created for QCP instance Volumes /dev/sdb and /de/sda1 that match QCP Serial Number

2) How to determine if no internet access is root cause of issue
a) On AWS Web Services EC2 Dashboard on Instances page. Click on QCP Instance and under Description tab the Public IP is empty

3) Steps to recover
a) Terminate QCP EC2 instance and re-launch new QCP instance. Be sure that Auto-assign Public IP is enabled in Step 3 ‘Configure Instance’ of EC2 Launch process.
b) Another option to recover is to associate an Elastic IP with the EC2 instance
i) Stop QCP EC2 Instance
ii) Allocate an Elastic IP
iii) Associate IP address  with the QCP Instance
iv) Start QCP EC2 instance

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