DDM configuration for StorNext 5.2 and

The following steps provide DDM configuration for StorNext versions 5.2 and which prevents one of the DDM licenses from being incorrectly used by the primary MDC.


  1. On both the primary and the secondary MDC, edit the /etc/hosts file and remove any aliases for the two MDCs.  Ensure the IP address of the MDC is configured as the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) for both MDC.  For example, here is a partial listing of a /etc/hosts file showing only the IP and the FQDN for the two MDCs:

# External static node IP    upm660.lab.quantum.com    downm660.lab.quantum.com

  1. Edit the current DDM configuration and remove the configuration for the two MDCs. This can be found in the GUI under  ‘Tools’ -> ‘Storage Manager’ -> ‘Distributed Data Mover’
  1. Remove the configuration for the two MDCs by selecting the hosts and then selecting ‘Delete’.
  2. Verify the configurations have been removed from the database for those two MDCs.  You will need a terminal window into the primary MDC with root access. Note: if you have other DDM clients they will still appear in the configuration tables output. If the two MDCs are the only DDM clients then the database commands will return nothing.

[root@downm660 stornext]# mysql -e "select * from tmdb.moverhosts;"

[root@downm660 stornext]# mysql -e "select * from tmdb.moverdevices;"

[root@downm660 stornext]#

  1. If either MDC still shows entries in the above tables then they need to be removed. Use the following commands to remove entries in these tables and the rerun step for the ensure they are deleted. Note: replace the <MDC name> with the name shown in the output from step 4 for the DDM client that needs to be removed.

[root@downm660 stornext]# mysql -e "delete from tmdb.moverhosts where moverhost = '<MDC name>';"

[root@downm660 stornext]# mysql -e "delete from tmdb.moverdevices where moverhost = '<MDC name>';"

[root@downm660 stornext]#

  1. Now that the MDCs are removed from the database, TSM needs to be restarted to ensure the configuration is reset.

[root@downm660 stornext]# adic_control restart tsm

Initiating stop of StorNext TSM component

FS0285 Tertiary Manager terminate requested.

FS0279 Tertiary Manager software successfully terminated.

FS0000 25 0000009027 /usr/adic/TSM/exec/fsconfig completed: Command Successful.

Initiating start of StorNext TSM component

FS0000 25 0000009029 /usr/adic/TSM/exec/fsconfig completed: Command Successful.

FS0283 Tertiary Manager normal startup requested.

FS0277 Tertiary Manager software initialized.

[root@downm660 stornext]#

  1. The two MDCs can now be re-added to the DDM configuration. For the hostname you will use one of the following three pairs. Either the FQDN, the alias, or the IP address. One of these pairs will work. If you choose a pair to add and the following error occurs when you add the second  MDC, repeat steps #4 - #7 and try the next pair. When you have a successful pair you will not receive the licensing error shown below. In the above example /etc/hosts/file the three pairs to try are:
    1. downm660.lab.quantum.com    upm660.lab.quantum.com
    2. downm660                                         upm660
  1. When the correct pair is configured, all DDM clients will be showing on the Distributed Data Mover window.
  1. After the DDM mover process have been restarted and are storing files, you can monitor which hosts are being used from the following command.

grep "starting: process/fs_fmover" /usr/adic/TSM/logs/tac/tac_00

The output will list the hosts on which fs_fmover process have been started. Look for those started after the change from above has been made.

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