StorNext: Unable to Read StorNext Labels for LUNs Over 1TB on W2K8 Client


With StorNext 4.x, when adding a new Win2K8 client, the client sometimes cannot read StorNext labels, even though the devices are seen properly in Device Manager.

One symptom is that the cvlabel -L command works fine from the MDCs or from all other clients, but not from the new client.

Possible Solution:

The Windows drivers from many HBA hardware vendors only support LUN sizes of 1TB or lower. These drivers may not have been available when Win2K8 was released, or had not yet passed Windows qualification testing.

To solve this problem, install an updated driver from the HBA hardware vendor to support larger LUN sizes. In many cases, this makes it possible to use cvlabel -L and correctly read labels for all LUNs.

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