StorNext: Error in Windows - Unable to Open Configuration File: No Such File or Directory

During Windows startup or a StorNext File System Service restart, an error dialog appears stating:
(Critical) StorNext File System FSS 'snfs1[0]': error: Unable to open C:\Program Files\StorNext\config\snfs1.cfg: No such file or directory

This is typically caused by the removal of a file system configuration file without removing its corresponding autostart entry in the StorNext File System Startup List. (The name of the problem file system is listed twice in the error message: one is in quotes and has a number in square brackets appended to it, and the other is the name of the config file listed, minus the '.cfg' suffix.)
To remove the file system from the autostart entry, perform the following procedure.
 CAUTION: Removing a file system from the File System Startup List will prevent it from being started automatically when the system boots up. Only remove a file system from the File System Startup List if you are sure it is no longer in use.
  1. Select All Programs > StorNext File System > File System Startup List.
  2. Verify that the offending file system name is listed. If it is, select the name and click the Delete button.
  3. Click OK in the confirmation dialog and close the File System Startup List program.

    The error dialog should stop appearing at startup and StorNext service start time.

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