DAT 240/432/864: How can I find the Product Serial Number?

DAT 240/432/864: How can I find the Product Serial Number?

There are two distinct ways to find the product serial number:

NOTE NOTE: The serial number format differs depending upon when the drive was purchased and whether it is an internal or an external drive. The serial number can be anywhere from 7 to 12 numbers.

The Physical Location

The physical location of the serial number label depends on whether the drive is an external standalone model or an internal drive installed within a server:

  • On an external standalone model, the serial number label should be on the bottom of the unit (for example, HW000EK).

  • On an internal unit, the serial number would be on a label on the top of the drive, beneath the outer casing for the drive.

    If gathering information to request a replacement drive from service, access the serial number from one label (for example, S/N: HK00611 on the far left) to verify the warranty and the part number (for example, FRU P/N TC5100-012 on the lower right) from another label to make sure the correct part is sent to you.

LCD Panel

Use this procedure to access the LCD and find the product serial number for a DAT 240/432/864 autoloader.

  1. Make sure there is no magazine installed in the autoloader.
    NO MAGAZINE appears in the display.
  2. Press and hold the Select (middle) button for five seconds.
  3. Use the reversed arrow (bottom) button to access the VERSION MENU.
  4. Click the Select (middle) button once to access the autoloader serial number, which appears at the bottom of the screen (HW000EK).

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