ValueLoader: How can I find the Product Serial Number?

ValueLoader: How can I find the Product Serial Number?

There are two distinct ways to find the product serial number for a ValueLoader, whether it is a Quantum ValueLoader or a Certance ValueLoader:

Physical Location

NOTE NOTE: The only difference between Quantum and Certance ValueLoaders is that with Certance, you can decide to add a bar code reader later. If you do not order bar code barcode reader with a Quantum ValueLoader, it cannot be added to the same unit later.

You can find the ValueLoader's product serial number on the back of the unit.

The serial number is the lower bar-coded number on the back left side of the unit, as you can see in the image below. The serial number will follow the S/N: and (S/N DE-662678-43M-001747).


The Operator Panel

Use this procedure to access the product serial number from the Operator Panel. From any menu, you can click Cancel to cancel the last action and return to the previous menu item.

  1. Access the Information menu option by pressing Next until that menu option appears.
  2. Press Enter.
  3. Press Next until it displays the product serial number. The product serial number display should follow the drive serial number display.
  4. Record the serial number that appears on this menu display, which should resemble the following: PRODUCT SERIAL # LDR 843M001717

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