M-Series Library: How can I find the Product Serial Number?

How can I find the Product Serial Number for an M-Series Library?

The M-Series libraries are expected to go End of Service Life on 30-June-2011.  At the expiration of any existing contract, Quantum will no longer actively support them

For an M-Series Library, you can find the product serial number in three distinct locations:

Physical Location

The product serial number is located on either the Stack-link slot or on the back of the library, depending on the unit.

Remote Location

This procedure describes how to find the product serial number on an M-Series library by using the Prism Management Card interface.

CAUTIONCAUTION: It is possible that the serial number displayed on the Prism Management Card and the physical library may not match. Take the time to make sure they do match. If not, the physical library value is the accurate number.

  1. On the host computer, open the Internet browser software.
  2. In the Address field, type https://IPaddress/ where IPaddress is the IP address for the Prism Web GUI to your M-Series library. This example uses an M2500 library. The PMC Server Home page displays.


  3. Click the plus (+) symbol next to ALERT Library Management. The Log In screen displays.
  4. Enter the appropriate name and password, and then click the page symbol next to Library Status. The Library Status page displays.


  5. Verify the product serial number (JG0438AHB00011) from the Serial Number field at the bottom center.

Quick View Location

Use this procedure to access the product serial numbers for an M-Series library from the Quick View Menu screen.

  1. From the GUI, click Quick View to display the Quick View Menu.


  2. Click Library info.


  3. Verify the library serial number (0000LAP027) from the Serial Number field.

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