Devices BaseOS

Caution: If you have an iBlade, updating Scalar i3 library firmware may require an update to the iBlade BaseOS firmware. A Blade Firmware Mismatch RAS ticket (ET245) would be generated upon restart of your library after the upgrade. Go to to download the latest BaseOS firmware.

The BaseOS feature allows you to upgrade the operating system on your Scalar LTFS and/or Veeam Tape Server iBlade. If a new version is available, you can select it for upload and install.

Note: The BaseOS on an iBlade cannot be rolled back. Only current or later versions can be uploaded and installed.

  1. From the Navigation panel, select Devices.
  2. In the North Panel, select the + next to your iBlade and then select the check box next to the iBlade.
  3. In the Operations panel, click BaseOS.

    Item Description Action
    Current Version Displays the current version of firmware installed on your blade. No action. Information only.
    Install OS Firmware

    Allows you to select the firmware package you want to upload and install on your iBlade.

    Note: Depending on the contents of the BaseOS upgrade, the iBlade may or may not restart. If the upgrade is complete without a restart, the Current Version field will indicate the newly installed version. If a restart is required for the upgrade, the Current Version field will display Update In Progress.

    Click Browse and navigate to where the firmware package is stored. When selected, click Open. Then click Apply to begin the install.
  4. Click Close to exit the window.