NAS Failover

In the event that the active master node becomes unavailable, StorNext NAS failover automatically transfers NAS management services from the active master node to another node in the NAS cluster. Through this feature, clients have continuous access to NAS shares because NAS management services can be run on any node within the NAS cluster.

StorNext NAS failover is supported with both SMB and NFS shares. For NFS clusters, NAS failover is supported only on the Xcellis WFD (CentOS7).

Note: For environments exporting NFS shares on Xcellis WFE or G300 gateways, or on Artico or MDC servers (CentOS6), clients connect to the shares through the master StorNext NAS System static IP address.

Duplicate Request Cache

When NAS failover occurs in a NAS cluster of NFS shares, the duplicate request cache is not preserved and the new server cannot recover it. The cache is stored in memory.