Apply OpenLDAP Authentication to NAS

You can apply your environment's existing OpenLDAP authentication services to StorNext NAS. Through this authentication configuration, clients can access NAS shares only if they are authenticated by the OpenLDAP service.

In addition, you can enable Access Control Lists (ACLs) when the NAS server is bound to an OpenLDAP server. However, you must take additional steps to enable SID mapping for full ACL support. See Enable SID Mapping for Full ACL Support.


If you have configured Active Directory (AD) or OpenLDAP to authenticate users accessing your NAS cluster, you must add your NAS VIP to the same DNS as your AD or OpenLDAP server. Otherwise, users authenticated through AD or OpenLDAP are unable to access the NAS shares through the NAS cluster.

Directory Services

StorNext NAS supports the following OpenLDAP directory services: